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    Megan Flier (She/her/hers)

    As a therapist, I see my work with each person as a privilege. To be allowed to hear a person’s story is an honor, even more so to walk with someone as they seek resolution to whatever troubles they are facing. Too often we go through life feeling unseen or unheard, seemingly facing life’s challenges on our own; as your therapist, I am here to be in those challenges with you. I believe every person, regardless of who they are or what they have done, is worthy of dignity and respect and it is my goal to empower people by being their partner on their unique journey.

    I aim to provide people with skills and knowledge, to “put tools in their toolbox” so that they can overcome life’s obstacles both within, and outside of, the therapy room. I am always curious about finding the root of emotional or mental concerns and, when possible, help provide long-term healing at a root level instead of only addressing emotional or mental symptoms.

    The therapeutic experience is tailored to fit each person, and what that would look like for you is unique. I want you to be able to set the pace for our work together, moving forward in a way that is comfortable for you. In our therapeutic relationship, you call the shots and have control over what our time together looks like. In the end, I believe that only you know what is right for you and am here to meet you wherever you are.