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    Therapy & Counseling Services in Grand Rapids

    Life is full of challenging transitions, and it’s not always easy to cope. If you’re struggling with family relationships, past trauma, grief, or other life experiences, you’ll find compassionate care at Unity Counseling. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our licensed counselors provide specialized mental health therapy services to equip our patients with the tools they need to make meaningful changes in their lives.

    Our Mental Health Therapy Services

    We are an all-inclusive behavioral health practice that welcomes patients of every gender and sexual identity, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, and relationship status. Our facility in Grand Rapids is a safe, nonjudgmental space where our patients receive personalized therapy to treat their specific needs. Our mental health therapy services include:

    If you are unable to attend a session in person, we offer telehealth services so you can speak to a counselor from your home. Whether your appointment is in-person or online, one of our professional therapists will explore your emotions, thoughts, and life experiences with you. Taking a deeper look into your life can help you gain insights into your behavior, improve your self-esteem, find relief from emotional stress, and manage your emotions—all of which add up to mental and emotional wellbeing.

    Speak With a Mental Health Therapist

    There are times when you may need a little help to cope with your unique life experience, and that is OK. Unity Counseling is here for you and ready to help. To schedule an appointment at our clinic in Grand Rapids, MI, contact us today.