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    What is CBT?

    Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or self-esteem?

    A woman sits alone on a dock while hiding her head. Learn how CBT therapy in Grand Rapids, MI can offer support. A CBT therapist in Grand Rapids, MI can offer cognitive behavioral therapy in Grand Rapids, MI and other services.You may feel like you are your own worst critic. You’re always striving for perfection. Then, you beat yourself up when you don’t meet your expectations. You might even realize what you’re doing (and the negative impacts of it) but you still don’t feel like you can stop.
    Or, you may not have even been to therapy before. You may have found it nice to talk to someone, but then didn’t feel like you made much improvement afterward.
    Here’s the thing, not all therapy is the same. That’s why it’s so important to find a therapist trained in evidence-based preventions like CBT therapy!

    So, What Exactly is CBT?

    You may have heard a doctor or therapist mention CBT to you. Or, you may have seen it mentioned online and wondered what it meant. CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. As the name suggests, it’s a type of therapy that helps people to understand the connection between cognitive (their thoughts) and behavior (their actions). By doing so, they can take steps to change their behavior.
    CBT therapy is different from traditional “talk therapy.” This is because it’s structured so that each session has a focus on a specific goal. You learn skills and techniques that you can apply outside of your session. By doing so, the work you do with your CBT therapist can be used in the situations where you need them most.
    It’s a very researched form of therapy that helps people make real, lasting changes in their lives.

    What is CBT Therapy in Michigan Used For?

    CBT therapy can be used to help with a variety of different mental health concerns. It’s most often used to help with anxiety and depression. But, it can also be used to help with:
    Right now it may feel like you will never be able to overcome the challenge you’re facing. Whether that’s anxiety, depression, or anger management, we know that you might feel like things will never get better. But that’s not true.

    Our CBT Therapists in Michigan Can Help

    The therapists on our team have worked with countless clients who are in a similar place as you. They felt skeptical, defeated, and even hopeless. But after working with a CBT therapist, they had a new perspective.
    We know that CBT therapy is an effective form of therapy because we’ve seen it work.

    Understanding Negative Thinkings Patterns

    A close up of a person gesturing to a therpaist with a clipboard. Learn how a CBT therapist in Grand Rapids, MI can offer support with CBT therapy in Kent County, MI. We offer cognitive behavioral therapy in Grand Rapids, MI and more.

    Through CBT therapy you will come to understand what your negative thinking patterns are. Plus, how they are impacting your feelings and behaviors. You’ll develop an awareness of where those negative thinking patterns came from. By doing so, you can see how they manifest in your life. For example, a traumatic event, parental influence, or an experience with a teacher or peer may have caused you to develop a negative thinking pattern.

    Changing Your Behavior

    Once you understand your negative thinking and how it impacts your emotions and actions, you can begin to alter it. In CBT therapy you will explore alternative thinking patterns. With these new patterns, you can think about events or experiences in a different way. For instance, you’ll learn how to talk to yourself in a kinder and more gentle way through positive self-talk.
    By changing your pattern of thinking, you can change the actions that are impacting your life.

    Managing Negative Thoughts

    But, we know that sometimes those negative thoughts will come up. It’s inevitable. So another important aspect of CBT therapy is learning coping skills to manage those negative thoughts. By learning how to respond to negative thoughts when they occur, you’ll be able to stop them from becoming harmful actions.
    In doing so, you can behave in a way that is congruent with your goals and values.

    Unity Counseling’s Approach to CBT Therapy in Michigan

    Our counselors know that every person is unique. So while CBT is a specific form of therapy, we still tailor it for each of our client’s needs and goals. Our counselors will work with you to identify your goals in counseling. From there, they’ll develop a CBT therapy plan that will help you to achieve those goals.
    A man spreads their arms out while taking in the morning sunrise over a city. Learn how cognitive behavioral therapy in Grand Rapids, MI can offer support for a brighter tomorrow. Contact a CBT therapist in Grand Rapids, MI for info on cognitive behavioral therapy in Grand Rapids, MI today.We are also committed to providing our clients with a safe and judgment-free space. This is because we know that you can’t work to alter your negative thinking patterns. Not unless you’re comfortable enough to process and understand them.
    Counseling (and CBT therapy) isn’t a magic fix to the challenges in your life. But it is a very effective tool to manage and overcome your challenges. It takes effort. But, with time and commitment, CBT therapy really can help you to lead a more fulfilling life.

    Begin CBT in Michigan

    If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, OCD, or another mental health concern, CBT therapy at Unity Counseling may be the right treatment for you. A CBT therapist can help you to understand and alter your negative thinking patterns. By doing so, you can change your behavior. It’s been a very effective tool for many of our clients, and it may be able to help you too.
    If you are interested in working with one of our CBT therapists or learning more about how CBT can help you, follow these steps:
    1. Get set up with one of our CBT therapists
    2. Begin CBT and start working towards a more fulfilling life.

    Other Services Offered at Unity Counseling

    CBT therapy isn’t the only service offered with Unity Counseling. Our team is happy to offer a variety of mental health services including counseling for teens, anxiety therapy, depression counseling, and grief counseling. We also offer services including couples counseling, LGBTQ+ counseling, EMDR, and mindfulness. We understand making in-person appointments can be difficult at times. So, we are happy to also offer online therapy across Michigan. Feel free to learn more by visiting our blog or FAQ today!

    These clinicians specialize in CBT.