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  • Devin Mitchell (She/her/hers)

    I am very passionate about working with adolescents, young adults, and adult individuals between the ages of 13-50 years old who have experienced Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Generalized Mental Health Issues, Relationship/Family/Peer Issues, etc. I work best with individuals who want to work on bettering themselves and/or need an unbiased person to speak to about the struggles they are going through in their life.

    I have experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults between the ages of 6-25. I primarily worked with individuals who experienced trauma in one way or another but also worked with individuals who had other generalized mental health problems. I am open to providing proper coping skills with a person-centered, individual approach.

    I believe to have a successful therapeutic experience, the therapist and client’s relationship must be one built on trust and connection. I will always do my best and prioritize a safe, empathetic, and accepting space for you to explore your struggles, fears, and current/past issues.