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    Locations of Our Mental Health Therapy Clinics

    a happy young woman with a big smileAre you struggling with anxiety, depression, or another mood disorder? Or maybe your mental wellbeing is generally healthy, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of work and family. No matter where you are in life, Unity Counseling is here to support you with compassionate care. Our mental health therapy clinics in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Alpena, MI are safe, nonjudgmental spaces where our specialized therapists provide evidence-based treatments for a variety of conditions. Our services include:

    A Welcome Environment for Patients From All Walks of Life

    Our behavioral health clinics are open to patients of any gender or sexual identity, age, ethnicity, ability, religion, and relationship status. Our professional counselors can help you find real and meaningful change by helping you gain insight into your behaviors and relationships, manage stressors, set boundaries, and regulate your emotions. Exploring your thoughts, emotions, and experiences at one of our confidential and collaborative mental health clinics can produce results that may improve your self-esteem, relieve your emotional stress, and help you overcome your specific struggles.

    Visit a Mental Health Clinic or Schedule a Telehealth Appointment Today

    With locations in Grand Rapids, Alpena, and Muskegon, MI, Unity Counseling serves patients across the state. If you are not comfortable visiting us in person or can’t make it to one of our mental health therapy clinics, we also offer telehealth services so you can speak to one of our professional and compassionate counselors from your home. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.