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    Grief Counseling

    Whether the loss of a loved one is sudden like in a car accident or anticipated like a slow decline from dementia, we experience a wide range of emotions as we grieve the loss.

    A woman sits alone on a bench, looking at the empty spot next to her. Learn more about how grief counseling in Grand Rapids, MI can offer support by contacting a grief counselor in Grand Rapids, MI. We offer online grief counseling in Kent County, MI and more. We may feel all of these emotions in a single moment.  As we remember things about our person like the way they laughed or the way they smiled, the different feelings and emotions may sweep over us like crashing waves.  We might feel joy as we remember the way their laugh rumbled throughout our home. Other times we may fear that we will forget the sound of that laugh.  Some days we will feel pain as we deeply miss hearing that laugh.  Many people feel anger as we struggle to understand why we had to lose that laugh from our lives.  Some days we will feel sadness as we think about the next days, months, and years without that laugh present in our lives. Our journey through grief is unique to each and every person, but the one thing that is constant is that we will all grieve someone throughout our lives.

    After the funeral, memorial, or celebration of life is over, we may feel that it is time to “move on”.

    Nora McInerny discusses this in her Ted Talk titled, “We don’t “move on” from grief. We move forward with it”. She shares, “A grieving person is going to laugh again and smile again.” She then explains, “They’re going to move forward. But that doesn’t mean that they’ve moved on.” Nora shares about the loss of her partner in the podcast. She explains that though she is remarried the memories of her partner and the life they had together remain a part of her. The love and memories we have with our person created the person that we are today. Grief is not a straight path to a finish line. Grief is a winding road that becomes a part of us throughout the rest of our lives.

    As we find ourselves on this journey through grief, it can feel lonely.

    A close-up of a person holding a candle next to a row of candles. Grief counseling in Grand Rapids, MI can offer support from the support of home. Learn more about online grief counseling in Kent County, MI by contacting a grief counselor in Grand Rapids, MI today. We offer grieving counseling in Grand Rapids, MI and more. People may be present and ready to talk about it over the coming days and weeks. But, we may not have people checking in months or years after we lose our loved ones. As birthdays, anniversaries and holidays come and go without our person filling their seat at the table, we may feel alone. But we can benefit from seeking out a grief counselor to walk alongside us. They can offer support as we remember our person, miss our person, and talk about our person. A grief counselor can support you in processing the loss. Together, you can learn what life looks like without that person, and learn to cope with the feelings around the loss. It is important that we do not avoid the feelings that come from our grief. Instead, we should find a safe environment to feel, express, and heal.

    Children and adolescents may cope with grief in different ways than adults.

    Some may become silent and not want to talk about it, and others may act out behaviorally. It is important that we allow children and adolescents to ask questions and talk about their feelings. Seeking out a grief counselor can be beneficial to young people as well.

    Our Approach to Grief Counseling in Michigan

    Whether you lost your sibling, friend, grandparent, partner, or child, we are here for you. Whether the loss was yesterday or ten years ago, we are here for you. We are here to hold space for you to share the memories that make you smile. We are here for you to cry when you do not think you can live on without that person and for you to question why you had to lose your person. Wherever you are in your stages of grief, we are here to walk with you.

    Begin Grief Counseling in Michigan

    A person gestures with their hands as a person writes notes on a clipboard. This could represent a grief counselor in Grand Rapids, MI meeting with a client. Learn how grief counseling in Grand Rapids, MI can offer support from the comfort of home with online greif counseling in Kent County, Coping with a loss is something everyone experiences at some point in life. But, it doesn’t make it any easier to face alone. This is why our team is happy to offer support in navigating the stages of grief. We offer support from our Michigan-based counseling practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
    1. Meet with a caring therapist
    2. Start receiving grief support you deserve

    Other Services Offered with Unity Counseling

    Grief counseling isn’t the only service our team provides. We understand that you may be experiencing a variety of mental health concerns. This is why we are happy to offer counseling for teens, depression counseling, and grief counseling. We also offer services including couples counseling, LGBTQ+ counseling, CBT, EMDR, and mindfulness. We understand making in-person appointments can be difficult at times. So, we are happy to also offer online therapy across Michigan. Feel free to learn more by visiting our blog or FAQ today!

    These clinicians specialize in Grief Counseling.