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  • How to Be a Supportive Partner to Someone Struggling With Depression in Michigan

    Your partner is struggling with depression, and you want to be there for them. It can be hard to know what to say or do when someone is struggling with their mental health. You love your partner but don’t always have the right words. You want to be supportive, loving, and understanding. However, you may be scared or not feel equipped to help. So, what can you do to be a supportive partner?

    Educate Yourself

    Image of a woman behind blurred glass. Is your partner struggling to cope with daily responsibilities? Depression treatment in Kent County, MI is available to help them while giving you tools to help them as well. Therapists in Grand Rapids, MI.

    Educating yourself about depression and the symptoms of depression can be a great starting point. By reading up on depression, you can become more aware of your partner’s struggles and feelings. This way, you can help them identify and express their feelings while also understanding the struggles they are dealing with.

    Knowing more about depression can also help you understand why certain behaviors or attitudes can result from depression. Sometimes this can lead to arguments, so it’s essential to understand that depression can affect your partner’s decisions and behaviors.

    However, educating yourself on depression and its symptoms and treatments can help you be more understanding and supportive toward your partner. But also a great advocate for their mental health.

    Create a Supportive Environment

    Image of couples holding hands and walking. If you are looking for help to support your depressed partner, depression therapists in Grand Rapids, MI are here! Call to book and find the depression treatment in Grand Rapids, MI today!

    Creating a supportive environment for your partner is integral to their mental health journey. This means taking the time to help them feel both stress-free and comforted. This can look like setting time aside each day to spend quality time together, going for walks in nature, or engaging in activities your partner enjoys. These will not only reduce their stress levels, but they will help bring you closer as well.

    I’m sure you’re aware, but criticism and judgment will stress your partner out and can make their depression worse. So, it is vital to avoid negative or critical comments instead of providing positive validation.

    This can look like offering encouragement, praising their accomplishments, and expressing your love and affection. For example, telling them, “I’m proud of you for completing this task today” or “I love you no matter what.” This can give your partner the emotional support they need while conveying your love and understanding.

    Listen and Validate

    Woman being consoled representing the support that your partner could receive from our online therapists in Grand Rapids, MI. Call to book depression therapy in Kent County, Michigan, or find the ways to support your partner through this hard time on this blog post.

    Sometimes when our partners are going through something difficult, we want to fix it. Whether it’s offering a solution to their problem or simply trying to make, them feel better. But this isn’t always the best way to help them. What’s important to support your partner is listening to them and validating how they feel. Depression can bring about strong emotions, and allowing your partner to express those feelings can be helpful.

    Take the time to listen to what they express and validate the emotions that come up for them. Let your partner know you are listening, and take the time to understand their feelings without judging or commenting. Summarize what they said to show your understanding and validate their experience.

    Help Them Find Professional Help with Therapists in Michigan

    When your partner has been struggling with depression for an extended period of time, professional help may be necessary. Encouraging your partner to seek professional help can be a way to support them in their mental health journey. Finding a therapist that specializes in depression can be an incredibly beneficial step in the right direction. Finding a therapist can also help them gain tools and skills to help them cope with their depression symptoms and lead healthier lives.


    Ultimately, being a supportive partner to someone struggling with depression can look different for each couple. However, your support, understanding, and encouragement will make all the difference in your partner’s mental health journey. Having the right tools, knowledge, and support can help them feel less alone and be better equipped to manage their depression.

    Interested in Depression Treatment in Michigan

    Your partner shouldn’t have to face their depression alone. They deserve compassionate and professional support. Our team of caring depression therapists has the training to support your partner in their mental health journey from our Grand Rapids, MI-based counseling practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

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